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Automatic Vertical Sachet Powder Weigh Filling Machine

Source:packing machines manufacturer     Date:2019-09-03 20:50   Author:packing machines price

Automatic Vertical Sachet Powder Weigh Filling Machine

Sachets Powder Packing Machine,flour packaging machine,sachet packing machine


  • For materials requiring high accuracy of measurement or careful handling,such as milk powder,
  • sugar powder, coffee powder, wheat flour, detergent powder, coconut powder, etc.
  • Various bag types are available, e.g. pouch, back-sealing bag,linking bags,etc
  • Package material: BOPP/CPP/VMCPP,BOPP/PE,PET/VMPET,PE,PET/PE,etc
>>Main Features:

√ High precision digital weighing sensors;
√ PLC control system ,stable and reliable;
√ 5.7inch colorful touch screen;
√ Material contact parts (storage hopper, hopper, vibration plate, weighing hopper, etc.) are to realize fast disassembly,

easy to clean;
√ Easy to clean and maintance.

 Machine Specification:

Model 420D 520D 720D
Film Width Max.420mm Max.520mm Max.720mm
Bag Lenth 80-300mm 80-350mm 100-500mm
Bag Width 60-200mm 100-250mm 180-350mm
Film Roll diameter Max.320mm Max.320mm Max.320mm
Packaging Rate 5-60bags/min 5-60bags/min 5-55bags/min
Measurement Range 150-1500ml 2000ml 4000ml
Film Thickness 0.04-0.08mm 0.04-0.12mm 0.04-0.12mm
Power 220V 50/60Hz 2KW 220V 50/60Hz 3KW 220V/3KW
Machine Size (L)1217*(W)1015*(H)1343mm (L)1488*(W)1080*(H)1490mm (L)1780*(W)1350*(H)2050mm
Machine Weight About 650KG About 680KG About 750KG

 Don't Worry! We can customize the suitable one for you according to your requiredment.
Just Tell us : Weight or Bag Size